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Little Wild Animal Hugs

Little Wild Animal Hugs

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Turn the pages of this one-of-a-kind board book to pair up ten adorable wild animals as they hug each other!

Little wild animal pals like to hug! And when you mix and match their hugs, there's more to love!

A monkey and a seal make a CHITTER-CHATTER, SPLISH-SPLASH HUG!

A penguin and a kangaroo make a CLACK-CLACK, JUMP-JUMP HUG!

Featuring die-cut pages that may be read in any order, this playful book for the youngest of readers offers endless hugging possibilities and is sure to become a favorite of toddlers and parents alike. Just right for reading aloud, making laugh-out-loud animal sounds, and celebrating the sweetness of hugs together!

A ONE-OF-A-KIND BOARD BOOK: The animals in this book hug each other! Toddlers will delight in mixing and matching the hugs of ten animal friends, as well as repeating the sound that each one makes over and over again.

CELEBRATES THE SWEETNESS OF HUGS: From the sweet and upbeat text to the interactive hugging format, this board book is all about celebrating moments of love and closeness, with the added early concept appeal of teaching the youngest of readers how to express affection for others.

TEACHES TODDLERS ABOUT ANIMAL SOUNDS: Through the playful subject of hugs, young readers learn about the sounds that animals make: What sound does a monkey make? What sounds does a lion make? The youngest of readers will delight in creating adorable combinations of hugs between little wild animal friends—from a ROAR-ROAR lion to a RUMBLE-RUMBLE rhino.

ENCOURAGES A LOVE OF ANIMALS: Featuring a variety of little wild animals, this board book reinforces a very young reader's understanding and appreciation of nature and the natural world.

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