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Melii Silicone Bear Mug

Melii Silicone Bear Mug

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Freezing portioned baby food can be done in a SNAP! Simply pour baby food containers, put them in the freezer and before you leave the house, SNAP off a container and pop it into your diaper bag. When it’s defrosted it's ready to serve!

Eating at home? No problem! Pop the container into the microwave and your pre-portioned meal is ready to serve.

We are parents whose energy is fueled by an abundance of caffeine! This mug was designed for little ones that love to pretend that they’re drinking coffee just like grownups (let’s be honest it’s hot chocolate - those kids don’t need a smidge more energy). The high-quality food grade silicone is super thick and durable. And if a kid sized mug wasn’t cute enough, the beverage takes the shape of a bear which helps make drinking fun! When your child is fully hydrated after polishing off their “coffee”, there’s a cute little face printed on the bottom of the cup. Whether you're serving water, smoothie, milk, juice, hot chocolate or anything in between, this cup will quickly become your child’s favorite.

  • BPA free, Lead free, PVC free, Cadmium free
  • Beverage takes the shape of a bear
  • Great for hot and cold beverages
  • Baby, toddler and kids cup / mug
  • Easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe
  • 6.8 fluid ounces / 200 ml capacity
  • Age 12 months +
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