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Mud Pie Ring Ding Trivia Game

Mud Pie Ring Ding Trivia Game

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Make this holiday season a joyful and engaging one with our Christmas Trivia Bell Game. Designed to bring laughter and excitement to the whole family, this game offers an entertaining way to test your knowledge of holiday trivia. Suitable for children aged three and above, the game features a deck of thoughtfully curated trivia cards, a charming bell, and a handy sand timer. To begin, simply choose your preferred set of questions from the diverse options available. Nominate a question reader and kick-start the timer. Take turns drawing cards and reading the questions aloud. Keep your ears sharp because the first person to ring the bell earns the chance to provide the correct answer. A correct response rewards the player with the card, making every round more thrilling. As the game progresses, accumulate cards to claim the coveted title of the ultimate Christmas trivia champion.

Material Plastic
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