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MÜSLI BY GREEN COTTON WOOLLY bodysuit in merino wool

MÜSLI BY GREEN COTTON WOOLLY bodysuit in merino wool

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Lovely bodysuit made of the softest merino wool that does not scratch.

 The suit has a snap closure down through the entire suit, which makes it easy to take on and off.

 The suit is sewn with a wedge between the legs, which means that there is actually room for the diaper.

 The suit is fantastically soft and nice to the skin and the wool ensures that heat and sweat are transported away from the skin.

The suit is extremely practical both as an inner layer but also as a suit for the night.

The product is Naturetexx® Plasma- og GOTS Organic-certified, which means:

-No harmful Chemicals

-No superwash

-No mulesing or sheep dip

-No cruel animal transport

Washing instructions:

Wool clothing does not need washing as often as other materials, because of its self-cleaning qualities.

However, children’s wear often get stained and dirty and requires washing occasionally.

All of our wool products are machine washable at 30 degrees on wool setting and low-speed centrifugation.

Always use a wash detergent especially made for wool products.

Can be steamed or ironed at low temperature.

Organic wool 100%
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