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Saranoni Satin Back Mini Tulip

Saranoni Satin Back Mini Tulip

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Satin Back - For satin lovers! One side of this blanket features one side of lush faux fur fabric, while the other side is silky-smooth satin! This is the perfect blanket for texture-sensitive children!

Satin Back Mini - Designed for the smallest snugglers, our Satin Back mini blankets are designed to provide safe, lightweight snuggles to your little one on every occasion! You can take comfort knowing that your little one is oh-so-comfortable with fabric designed for sensitive skin and a size perfect for tiny hands. Whether you’re on the go, or snuggling at home, your Saranoni mini blanket is along for the ride!

Satin Back Mini - Sized at 15”x20”

Fabric - 100% lush poly microfiber. 

Machine wash on cold with like colors. Non-chlorine bleach, no fabric softener or pods. Hang or lay flat to dry.

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