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Snakes & Other Reptiles Tattoos

Snakes & Other Reptiles Tattoos

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From the common Barn Swallow and American Goldfinch to the dangerous Australian Cassowary, birds' distinct personalities and colorings make them a favorite fascination of kids of all ages. A bevy of bird species soar across each page of Soaring, Singing Tattoo Birds, which animal-loving kids will love to wear right on their skin! 50 vibrantly colored, illustrative temporary tattoos are scientifically accurate and easy to apply with just a little water. Plus, each bird species is accompanied by fun and fascinating facts. Did you know that the Scarlet Ibis’s brilliant color comes from the large amount of shrimp and red shellfish in their diet? Or that the yellow feathers on the Macaroni Penguin’s head gave them their name, since “macaroni” is a historical slang term for male fashion? Kids will love quizzing their friends on newly learned avian trivia while showing off their interesting ink. overs!

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