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Welcome to Preschool

Welcome to Preschool

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Welcome to Preschool! At preschool, there are songs to sing, toys to share, and new things to learn!

In this interactive, toylike board book, readers move one character on each scene as they engage with classic preschool activities, from story time and artmaking to playing and stretching. Young readers will feel a confidence boost with each action as they, too, become empowered to move within this new space called preschool. With six moveable characters throughout, there are plenty of new friends to meet and new activities to learn!


PACKS PLAY VALUE: This deluxe novelty book invites young readers to explore the exciting world of preschool. Move all six characters as they paint, stretch, play, and more! This interactivity offers high-quality play value, and a deeper level of reader engagement. 

EMPOWERING KID READERS: Kid readers will feel empowered as they play out scenes from their own preschool on the page, literally moving the character back and forth as they engage in these familiar activities.

STURDY: Due to its solid, chunky construction, this board book offers durability that can keep up with playtime and re-shelving.

BACK TO SCHOOL BOOK: Perfect for use in the classroom to help orient preschoolers, for parents to use when familiarizing their children with school-time routines, and for children to share their new experiences with their families.

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: Outfitted with stylish art and shaped like the preschool itself, each spread of the book mimics a room in the preschool. 
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